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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't turn your face away from this issue

What is happening in our country? Gandhiji always did remind us that we have basically an agriculture based economy. The soul of India is in our villages. Now, these farmers are being cheated by officers, ,politicians and even by their very own govt., whom they voted for. It is as big an issue as corruption. People all over India gave support to Anna Hazare's venture. But in U.P(Bhatta Parsol village) no one seems to care. Those farmers are beaten by the PAC officials. Their men are forced to run away from their own village for their lives. Even news channels are not trying to give the issue a proper thrust.  Others are not even considering it as an issue worthy of their attention. To them it is just a riot, by some group of people. They are not at all concerned b'coz it won't affect their day to day life, atleast directly. As far as news channels are concerned they are still after dead and 6 feet under Osama. They are trying to make our country proud by showing us Pakistan's double standard and how they safely kept Osama under their wings. Their are busy turning Pakistan  an outcast from the brotherhood of nations and labeling them as a terrorist nation. I mean they are no saint but we have much more serious problems to deal with in our own country.

Farmers in Noida are cheated by the govt. They acquired land from those poor people at throwaway prices and are selling their land at exorbitant price to private players.  The official allotment rate in Greater Noida is in the range of Rs 15,840 and Rs 42,560 per sq m and rates for commercial land allotment have been revised and now it is between Rs 60,500 and Rs 1.37 lakh per sq m.
                                                               We can't afford to build "Expressways" like this. We can't treat people, especially farmers whose work force contribute 15%- 18% of India's GDP. Now the Mayawati govt. is trying to escape by saying that is a conspiracy made by the opposition. We can live without expressways but not without these poor people. If the govt. strip them from their own land they will be forced to withdraw from this sector.