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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Education: A Deciding Factor

Education has become more of a society status symbol rather than a necessity or essentiality. Now a days, people think getting a degree or a Ph.D or a 6 digit salary is what education means.  Education has become an instrument for most of us to get a good job, to build up a shining career. The original purpose of education has been long forgotten. Because, academics are now career oriented, we are not seeing any brilliant scientist or a visionary leader or an engineering genius emerge. Most of the teachers are in the profession only because they don't get any other. This will ruin the future of our country and the future generation. 
The main problem is that our education system is not good enough to find the right fits for the right profession. Children  should be given chance to show their talents and skills from the primary schools itself. Their interests should be understood by the teachers. Different beings have different skills and different interests. Our education system is not giving enough attention to each and every girl/boy and what  is her/his skillsets or interests and nurture it. Some say, giving attention to each and every one is not practical, but i say it is possible if teachers are responsible and those who are in this profession are the right ones. Teaching is a selfless act and it should be. Teachers influence on children are immense, thats why someone it is important that someone who teaches should be in that profession, should not be for salary or for the sake of getting a job, but for right reasons.