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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who are we?

Japan, the land of Rising Sun is tossed by the nature. Some says these calamities are warnings that nature gives us, to beware. They say we need to be in harmony with nature. They say nature is the provider and it is true when we look from our angle. From the moment we, living beings started to breathe we were always under nature's  strong grip.

We humans think we are  someone special, we some kind of a miracle that happened in this world, of course the view is totally ours as we are the only beings capable of having a view. How ever we try to out run the nature we can't b'coz our existence is restricted to a certain place called earth,  even in earth we can't live under water and on land, we can't survive without oxygen. Don't take me as a sadist person who likes to see such pain. But just rewind our mind and clear our thoughts. How do we treat other living beings, we treat them like we treat each other without respect . We as the crown of creation (that's how we would like to call us) omitted other living beings from our philosophical dogmas.

When we say this world is going to end what  we mean is, it is  going to be an end for us, humans. we think without us there is no existence for earth. Actually speaking we are nothing in this big universe, even earth is nothing. This phenomenon of life on earth is a constant struggle against the nature i.e. the earth's atmosphere. Actually speaking the life adapted itself by creating creatures that can survive in harsh environments. Even the oxygen we breathe in its pure form is dangerous to us. Oxygen is a corroding gas it is one of the reason why life couldn't be able to create more diversified creatures. Life doesn't care if human beings exist or not, the phenomenon must go on. Life's sure bet is on virus and bacterias which could thrive on any harsh environment.

We humans are very developed as we would like to say. we wear clothes, we have moral values (which is always oriented to ourselves), we can travel in water, we can fly, we are the only being which made it out of this earth(Of course i do remember that the first being put to space was a dog), we discovered nature's truth, though in a small quantity we found out. Our brain is our weapon.
We say we are trying to save other species but how? We are occupying  and consuming this planet's land mass like no other. If those animals try to stray away from the border line we have put, we have no other choice but to capture it or kill it.

I don't know whether we are doing it right or wrong, but however it is, this is the way we live. we are made this way. we are self centered. we can't blame anyone for that , it is the preserving mechanism of life. Even though we introduced some moral values to our life styles, in the long run the life (the phenomenon) is going to win. Life doesn't care if you are a moral person or not what is needed is to reproduce, thus spreading the species and thus in turn spreading life .