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Monday, March 7, 2011

Values, principles and our lives

Everyone wants to be different and that one thing makes us all the same.There is no value now a days, only trends.People are attracted to trends not values. we need a scrupulous society, run by men with principles, not by some trend or impulse. Trends are just popular tastes at a particular time which will not last much. On the other hand, values are forever. It defines a person, his character and who he is. Trends are more like romanticism, it portrays a person's(or society's) present emotion, what and how they are feeling right now.
                       Some says good and bad are relative concepts and i belong to that some. Since we are social beings there will always  be a collective good, which means all those doings that bring good to the human society and collective evilness that is not good for the survival of society. It is the same for all social beings, whether it is lion, or wolves or us, but ofcourse there will be a profound diffrence in our case b'coz of our big brain, using which we interpret things.
                     Everyone have their own versions of good and bad, but if we are not cautioned our sense of right and wrong would clash and thats why we as humans set certain rules, that will result in a common good, as values and principles. If we need to sustain a peaceful social life we should have to sacrifice some of our freedom for the common good . Now a days people are ending up more and more lonelier even though thay are living in a society. Our present day life is more of an oxymoron, living in the crowd yet alone with their lives.