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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Modi's Gujarat - An illusion

The SIT (Special Investigation Team) report declared Modi cannot be touched on basis of those published reports by Tehelka. Muslims in Gujarat are under constant threat of life. The SIT report shows how biased  Indian constitution is becoming or it already is. Gujarat is an example of monocracy inside Democracy.  Mr. Modi's despotic government is threatening Muslim minority in Gujarat. There is a deep severance between Muslim and Hindu, if any Muslim dare to question, he would be asked to go to Pakistan. Under the false curtain of development("not denying the fact that Gujarat is fast developing"), Gujarat govt. had been doing atrocities towards those Muslims. BJP is allowing Muslim candidates over there and most of them had  won  in the election. But behind that open mindedness there is a sad story of people who were threatened to do as they were told.
The investigation of Gujarat violence(2002) is going nowhere. Modi govt. could have saved lots of lives if he wanted. But as we all know he (along with the Central Govt.) was giving the rioters a silent nod by delaying the deployment. In April 2002, retired supreme court justices V. R. Krishna Iyer and P. B. Sawant headed a citizen's panel to investigate the riots. Their report includes testimony of  then Gujarat Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) minister Haren Pandya (since murdered), who testified about an evening meeting convened by Narendra Modi the evening of the Godhra train burning. At this meeting, officials were instructed not to obstruct the Hindu rage following the incident. The report also highlighted a second meeting, held in Lunawada village of Panchmahal district, attended by state ministers Ashok Bhatt, and Prabhatsinh Chauhan, and other BJP and RSS leaders, where "detailed plans were made on the use of kerosene and petrol for arson and other methods of killing."
What the BJP had been saying about Mr. Modi is that he is a very development oriented person he sky-rocketed Gujarat's revenue. He has been very liberal towards industrialists and prompt them to set up factories there (like Tata-Nano plant).
                                                        But one there is one thing, people's life worth less when it comes to development of state or country. One thing they should remember is that with out people there is no country. It is not govt. or any minority of rich industrialists that makes a country, common people is a country's  face or one could say they decide the fate. Is it that difficult to be tolerant? Hinudus hate Muslims and vice versa and thus the ridge widens. After all these years our country spent with great people(Gandhiji, Mother Teresa, Tagore) had no influence left on us?