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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indian patriotism - in a devious route?

We Indians are chained in falsified patriotism, mainly by media, i would say . A recent event that enraged every Indian was about the students who were collar tagged by American officials.  In our society it would be perceived as a great shame. But one thing we have to understand is that we are in their country and we have to go by their rules and regulations. I am not defending Americans, what i am trying to say is, it was not at all a shame when it is compared with the deeds of our own country officials. No one seemed to mention about how these students came to be in America, what were they doing there, even after knowing the pathetic condition of this so called University. Doesn't our govt  have any regulations to check the credibility and where abouts of such on line universities.
We are so much worried about foreigners disrespecting our fellowmen or country. But what about great scams(2G,land, etc.), rapes(every day) and other atrocities towards women, children and poor labours. Aren't these shameful to our country? Our capital seems to be topping  in rapes also. Women are screaming about their right to walk safely and wear what ever they feel comfortable. But what is wrong in being a little cautious and safer. They made it a big issue when the respected CM told girls to be a little careful and avoid late night walks.