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Monday, February 28, 2011

Child Welfare - My opinion

2011-12 union budget is near and i think it is only fair to take a look at our nation's child welfare. Let us hope this time Govt. will do justice, by allocating more than the usual 3% in the budget, for the benefit of poor children. Our substructure is not good enough to support the basic needs of children. Children are more prone to violence. If we don't take proper care; denying education, basic amenities, proper health, of our children(basically poor and orphans), i can assure you we are looking at a bleak future. You and i have almost 100% probability of getting what we want in our life. But what about those who are living in the road sides, all those tribal, poor children in Assam,Gujarat etc., children in J&K who are daily subjected to gun violence.
Educating street children is not a simple task. First they should be attracted and get the idea and need for education, for that we need to provide them with food and virtually supporting their entire lives. Their primary concern is food, most of the days, they have to sleep empty stomach. One cannot possibly think that, granting a certain amount would eradicate all the problems. Officials would have to be dedicated for the cause, officials should take it to their door steps. Initiative should be from Government's side.People should be aware that such poor lives are also living among them. They should be given the opportunity to get ahead in their life with good education and better sustenance.