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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blogging - God's gift

Now a days, it seems that entire planet is under reformation, especially West Asia. The world is witnessing serious political shifts there. In that part of world confrontations between people and Government turned violent and media(especially Al-Jazeera) took it from there and played an important role in transforming this uprising into a historic event. People are becoming more politically conscious. It was a proud moment for all bloggers, knowing that those who organised meetings and strikes in Egypt were young bloggers. They planned their meeting places using social networking sites like, Facebook.
Blogging has gone a long way from its previous status of "for fun" attitude, by dealing with more serious and crucial subjects. We all remember a little while ago, when there was a big clash between Tibetan monks and Chinese Govt. in Tibet. The atrocities were brought to day light by people who were brave enough to write about those incidents. Chinese Govt. finally had to cut-off internet facility to stop them , but it was too late then. Blogging help public to express their views. They can find and connect with those who have same frequency of thoughts. You can always make a difference by good blogging.