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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why do we think our prayers are not answered ?

90% of the population think like that. Is there any truth in it?. The whole question is relevant only if you believe, so for the sake of answering the question let's assume everyone is a believer. Most of them go to churches or temples everyday. But if you believe your prayers are not answered, then its simple logic that, definitely some thing is missing. Is it your fault or God's ?
What am i saying? God can never be wrong or bad, he is all love, so it have to be our fault. If its our fault, then what is the fault?. This is the point were people turn into sacrificing and other non-sense, like almighty is some kind of degenerate who gets pleasure from these things. They never rethink their prayers. Do you prayed for yourself or other fellow beings?. What an absurdity, how can any one pray for others?. We pray so that our bad doings, difficulties and problems(mainly money) should be excused.
In "Upanishads" they say "one should pray or work with out looking for anything in return, for you only have control over the work you do. Let the reward may or may not come". Just imagine, how can any one grant or give anything to anyone whose main concern is himself and others are just optional. And now take your time and think, are you one among them?.