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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's happening?

We are proud that we are the largest democracy. We are proud that, great human beings like M.K.Gandhi,Swami Vivekananda,Baba Amte, Mother Theresa  chose this land to render their service. Do you think if they were here would they be proud of India?
People like them, but do you think people like us could ever be able to choose their path. No i don't  think so, according to us they are not practical. For us, money is the only practical solution to every thing. Even money have Gandhiji's face printed on it, what an irony?. It is an irony in the sense, all the bad things happen over the money and a man's face who has nothing bad about him, who spent his entire life for others without thinking about himself.
Our country is neck-deep in corruption.Corruption in politics is not a big thing, but it is increasing in an alarming speed. There is corruption in court of law also, now that is something very dangerous. Wife of Dr. Binayek Sen said her trust and respect for the constitution has gone. Now the ruling of his case was a perfect example for a corrupt court of law. Some people desperately wanted Dr. to be out of their way and our respected court fell for those conspirators.
I would like to scream at those politicians face that this is a democracy and they don't rule the country. They are just caretakers and they better understand this.