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The banyan tree

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Thoughts are like air, like water, it freely flows from one to another. You could say that thoughts are open-source. Thought can be in any dimensions like in plain, 2D, 3D etc.. You can interpret any thing in this format. once a thought exits from your mind, its free, any one can make changes to it, can append anything to it. Thoughts sow the seeds for all great ideas. Behind every inventions, every findings there is a thought which sowed the idea. Through thoughts people could connect. Thoughts make us humans. Thoughts are like waves, its all around us. only thing we have to do is to make our mind ready to perceive it.
Thoughts make people different. Different people, like Hitler and Tolstoy, what made them different? it was definitely their thoughts, no doubt about that. Books and other media help in propagating thoughts. Good or bad, brilliant or non-sense thoughts are what makes us different from other animals.