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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A ray of hope in Africa

After Tunisia it is now Egypt's turn, it seems. Uprisings have become contagious. People of Africa have at last decided to wake up. They decided to over throw the rule of dictators. Like any other dictators the Egypt President Mr. Mubarak dismissed the cabinet but still refusing to stand down and he is mobilising army to suppress the protest.
Even though most of the African countries got independence from the European colonial powers, in the last of 20th century, the people have to suffer a lot from their own government (Actually speaking, most of the continent is under authoritarianism and military dictatorship). They have to suffer a lot from famine, terrorism, natural calamities etc.. Africa is now literally a dark continent. People are being killed there because of world's lust for diamond (Blood diamonds). Africa produces 46 per cent of the world's chromium, 48 per cent of its diamonds, 29 per cent of its gold and 48 per cent of its platinum.
Actually many African countries have good economic prospects. But b'coz of politically unstable nature of most of the countries that cannot be properly used for the welfare of the people. Countries wealth had been drained by the colonial powers and it still carry on by blood sucking dictators.