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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our glorious past

I have always wondered about the life of a "saint" or a "sadhu"(Hindi). There are certain criteria which should be met by this people. We had a lots of such ideal personalities in India. Here in our country we can find many of such sadhus, some times even in metros.Those who choose the life of a hermit are very much seem to be cutoff from the outer world.Their lives seem to be calm and quiet. But one thing is sure it is not easy. They reminds me of our old "Rishis" of golden vedic periods. Most of the people think that being modern or forward-looking means, fashionable,using high end gadgets and living in metros.But the real modernism must begin inside you, in your thought, in  your deeds etc.Your mindset should be modern in order to have a modernistic approach.
In my opinion our ancestors were always modern(in thoughts). By ancestors i mean those philisophic, mystic "Rishis". They contained their thoughts in "Upanishads","Vedas" and other teachings. Of course the most celebrated among were the authors of our epics, "Valmiki" and "Veda-vyasa". Some believe that the only teachings they offered were religious. But there were many others like "Charaka" and "shushrutha" Who wrote books about medicines and medical sciences. Then there is "Kanada" who mentioned the term "Kanam"(atom) in his book. And "Vatsyayana" is the one who needs no introduction. These are only a few among those big pool of scholars in India at that time of period.