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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

People enjoyed the arrival of new year by celebrating, partying and shopping. Their hope, that its going to be good year makes the celebration worth.
But there is also another group,who have no place to rest their head at night and they know the real value of each penny they earn. For them there is no Xmas, no new year. They are just trying to survive this bitter cold, this hike in the prices of commodities. Most of the people think of them as useless and thieves. Most of them doesn't even have identities to prove that they are Indians. Women and children are in constant danger. There is no proper rest house for them, so that they can shut their eyes without fear of being violated. 
In my opinion today's generation are in total confusion. They confuse freedom with something else. They think freedom gives them the right to do what ever they want. On the other hand they don't realise it gives them responsibilities towards each other.Freedom makes us all independent and thus we have to be responsible and respectful towards others.We are living in a society, so if we all begin to live the way we like without considering others, what would happen to our society and to the bonding between individuals?
Now a days people are becoming more and more self-centered. Everything is about yourself, no one cares. There have to be values based on which society should be built. Without values and principles both society and individual will degrade.