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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kashmir, a hell on earth

Kashmir has always been the controversial and sensitive subject both to us and Pakistanis. Quarrels over land were very common between countries from the beginning, take Israelis and Palestinians for example. But our case is a bit different. We gave them a big piece of our land(East and west Pakistan) and still they are greedy. B'coz of their greed, Kashmir which was once belonged neither to India nor to Pakistan is now apart of Indian Republic. Pakistan sent its troops to Kashmir in October, 1947 which compelled the Hindu Maharaja of Kashmir(but the majority of people were Muslims) to join hands with India. That was the beginning, till then we were fighting over Kashmir.
But in Pakistan's current state, no sane person would want to live there. The entire country is under chaos. People are being killed in the name of religion. Sectarian violence occurs every now and then between predominant Sunnis and minority Shias in Pakistan. Now Taliban has also joined the party. With so much religions and castes India is far more contained and peaceful than Pakistan(with out neglecting the fact that certain stir-ups do occurs).They are promoting terrorism for what? getting Kashmir back? Gun fires and blasts are common now a days. Does human life's worth is so low-down. Is this what the heaven on earth is reduced to. It is time to change the title to "Hell on earth".