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Monday, January 17, 2011


Why do people have this weird tendency of going abroad for education. Those who go abroad, do they think that our country couldn't provide them with good education or its just a status symbol like having a "Bentley" or "Rolls Royce". It is a known fact that our education system is a little dull, but it doesn't mean that it is that bad. we have IITs, IIMs and other reputed universities. we should give more importance to researches and how we select our research heads. Does any one really give a thought that why there are not many Indians who contributed (of course there are some, only a handful) to the scientific world in our century. Now a days what we really do is praise those, who happened to be related to India, like his/her mother or father was Indian or something like that. In "Hindu" there was an article about "crab-syndrome", which was very insightful. We should be able to pull our good and promising minds to our country.