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The banyan tree

Monday, December 20, 2010


i feel very happy today, maybe every one feel like the way i feel or may be it's only me, i don't know. i think it's b'coz  Christmas is in the air. The mere thought of Santa brings joy, even though i am a Hindu i always did celebrate Christmas with family and with friends. In Kerala, where i am from, people celebrate each and every festival, doesn't matter what religion. Stars, Xmas carol, cakes, Santa every thing about Xmas is great. In southern parts of India winter is not so cold compare to northern parts and other European countries. There it's mostly windy and have a little cold in the morning at this time of year. Here in Delhi even though people celebrate Xmas the attitude of so called Delhiwallahas towards Christians are a bit awkward and weird. i think they are under the impression that almost all of the Christians here are converts. i don't know about all, but those who are living in my area, their idea is pretty much this, regardless of age. 'Ah' don't go into such serious matters,  Xmas  is coming and enjoy every bit and don't restrict your expression of love in talks show it in your doings. And at least in this month try to be a real Christian, i don't mean to go to church, what Jesus wants us to do "to love and help others", Amen.