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Friday, December 17, 2010

"what an idea sirji"

Yesterday i went home feeling relieved that i don't have to go tomorrow and i could have a good sleep in this cold weather. 'Muharram' is suppose to be a holiday, i thought. After i got home i found a calmness and happiness in mind. i was listening to the FM radio and enjoying the tea with my cousins then suddenly the phone rang, it was for me from my boss, telling me to be there on Friday and told there was a meeting to attend, i thought "what the hell man?",my evening was ruined.
Today like any other day i climbed on the bus and reached office in time.After half an hour the boss called saying, meeting is postponed and he is not coming b'coz not feeling very well. i thought "what an idea sirji", he doesn't need to come and the institution is even  working on a holiday, now that's dedication.