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Monday, December 13, 2010

A routine day in New Dilli

The moment i stepped out of my house, i found myself staring at a  bowelless world. i always wonder, that what if i can read peoples mind ?. The mere thought scared the hell out of me.Trust me on this u don't even want to consider the  possibility of reading others mind, mind is the most wretched thing. Oh , i strayed away from the topic, sorry and then  i saw a teenager passing by, busy in talking to her mobile phone. Her expressions tells who is she talking to, wait does her parents know about this?, i thought.But then again what the hell was i thinking?,what a butthead i was?,then i told myself wakeup dude, this is  the world u r in, run along. People are in a hurry, i don't know why?.Neighbours quarrelling about parking space,door bells(which had been rung by some mischievous kid from some other block),newspapers and god knows what.Teenagers blaming the cold weather for not able to go outside without wearing sweaters, so that they couldn't show the world the trendy clothes they r wearing. Still there is one group who don't seem to care, children. They r as happy and carefree as ever. They don't even seem to notice the chilling cold. And the most important thing is the traffic, its just mind blowing, u cannot be anywhere within time, and the best part  is your day starts by hearing the scoldings and rebuking  of the buswallahas and rickshawwallahs.
                                The city always amazed me in its might but like a coin has 2 faces this city too has its  bad or u could say worse side. Here, almost everyday u can see such amazing things(at least to me). People here in the city intrigues me, the way they are and the way they try to project themselves to the society.