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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"poor uncle"

When the door bell rang i was startled. My cousin-sister opened the door. It was uncle's friend and his wife. She smiled looking at them and then gazed at the man's hand, like she was trying to find out what was he carrying?.They asked her about her study, she smiled. They moved into into the hall and sat on the sofa.They were middle aged couples. Me and my uncle sat facing them and my auntie and my cousin-sister sat on a sofa to their left side.
We talked about a lot of things then he said he was considering to go to Kerala after retirement. Him and his wife both are from Kerala. They came here some 20 years ago. He said he wanted to lead a peaceful life after retirement in Kerala which is his home land. But the lady, his wife was not so amused by that thought. She didn't want to go back to Kerala. He was so nostalgic about his home land. Every time he said something good about his home land she countered it by saying that it was much better in here,Delhi. Each time she countered his argument he looked sad, but he didn't dare to say anything against his beloved wife. At last it was time to say good bye, he handed over a bag to uncle and said it was cake for xmas. Now i know why my sister was smiling, looking at his hand. Since it is  Xmas month she already guessed it should be some thing to eat. He left wondering,whether his wish to settle at his own birth place would ever be true. After they had gone she(sister) said "poor uncle", then she ran to kitchen to grab a knife and attacked the cake.i smiled and went after her, after some time auntie and uncle joined us.