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The banyan tree

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today i woke up a little late, its a wonderful feeling to nestle under the blanket in such cold weather.i brushed, ate and get dressed with in no time, then i rushed to the bus stop.Usually i have to wait there for along time to get a bus, but today a miracle has happened, "here comes a bus". i jumped in and took a seat. i thought something is wrong, such good things never happens, especially when you are in a hurry to get some where or you have no time. May be positions of the planets and signs of zodiac have changed, i thought, may be its going to be a good year from today. After some time, i realised there is some thing wrong with speed that we were going. Auto-rickshaws, scooters even some manually-powered vehicles like cycle-rickshaws were over-taking us.Everyone in the bus was looking at each other, someone screamed at the driver "Brother change the gear".He returned a rude look.Then we got a traffic red-light, we waited then it turned to green. The driver shifted the gear and pedalled the accelerator, bus raised but never moved. He again placed his foot on the accelerator, this  time bus moved but stopped again at the middle of the road. Then suddenly two girls hopped in. Driver screamed at them "can't you see bus is not moving its broken down" they looked at others and stepped out of the bus.Vehicles began to horn behind us. Somehow he managed to make it to the bus stop. Everyone got out of the bus cursing the bus and driver.
i was relieved by knowing that this was no miracle, its just like the same old day. No change in the positions of your celestial objects and zodiacs, you are just the plain old you. Then i began to walk towards my office.