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Monday, December 27, 2010

Just thoughts

Delhi is getting foggier each day.When people talk they remind me of those old trains running by coal,giving out smoke.People here are used to it, since i am new here its kind of amazing to me.People here are always in the mood for partying.My Xmas was OK, nothing eventful.we ate a lot of cakes.Now a days no one is interested in eating. It is kind of embarrassing to them to admit that they eat three times in a day.Today every girl wants to be Katrina Kaif and boys want to have six packs and that killer looks of Robert Pattinson.People go for the looks not for the contents.After all  who wouldn't like a little attention.
There is a book fair going on here in 'Pragati Maidan'. i am thinking of going there but i am not sure if i could or not. i am a big fan of books.i am reading Chetan Bhagat's '2 states'currently. Even though i have seen film 3-idiots i never felt like reading his books. My sister(cousin), she give me this book called '3 mistakes of my life'. Even though we brothers are not supposed to be advised by little sisters, i accepted it. Actually it was good and fun to read. You can call it an entertainer. i think winter season is the best season to read books,get a cup of tea and nestle under the blanket with a book.