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Thursday, December 16, 2010

First impression

Yesterday when i got out of the office people crowded infront of the gate and the road was crowded with buses,cars, autorikshaws first i wondered if there was an explosion or something.i asked around,some have no idea what the fuzz was all about,some knew that someone important like a foreign minister was here. i couldn't learn what was it all about,then i decided to ask the polceman standing next to me.Suddenly  someone(an old man tired of standing) tried to pass the baricade made by the police, then he ran towards him to stop him and he seemed to scold the poor man.But we can't blame the policeman, he was only doing his duty.School kids were restless,they were talking about,how they are going to be late for todays cricket match. People waiting there in that bitter cold began to curse the man(the VIP) responsible. Then i remembered  something i read about Chinese Premier's India visit  in news paper.Suddenly some one called out there he goes, every one looked into that direction. we all saw a battalion of police jeeps and in the middle were 2 or 3 luxuary cars with flags. A man standing beside me started giving a lecture about how much these common men have to bear b'coz of such visits by ministers and VIPs. i asked him  who was that? he answered it was, as i thought, the Chinese Premier'Wen Jiabo',he was there to visit a school in Vasant vihar.i said myself "what a bloody first impression" .