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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An evening in Ayyappa temple, in Dilli

Yesterday i went to the temple of lord Ayyappa, along with my family.The rush inside was unbearable. Like any other place, everyone was in a hurry here. Some are pushing their way into the crowd. It seemed they want to get blessings before anyone else could, like it is some kind of stationery they can buy before it sold out.But of course some are genuine.
Then some ,like myself go there by the intentions of seeing some old friends and of course beautiful girls. Actually its not our fault that we can't concentrate on praying. As these girls are passing by our eyes always follow them even if we are facing the idol of god.
Then after that we drank some tea and get into the car. Don,t be under the impression that i went to temple for some nonsense and to drink tea, but i did adjust to pray in between these nonsense. If u think i, what i did was nonsense then u have to see others who were there only with the intention of eating food the temple used to give as "Prasadam".