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SCIENCE stranger than fiction - 2

From time immemorial we humans have been thinking that the earth is a place which God built to teach us some manners. No religious texts seemed to mention another animals specifically and importantly as we. Everything was about us. We were the center of universe. Well this study puts one more bullet hole in that theory, because scientists found out that there could be more than 1 trillion species housing this planet. And we're just one among them. Oooh that sucks! Yes that's right, you've heard me, scientists have proof for that now. This profound work is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). It's such an amazing and groundbreaking effort by the scientific community,trying to map the biological diversity. The number of living beings shot up because this time extensive mapping of microbial life has been done. Usually people ignore the microbial diversity because they are invisible to the naked eye. The volume itself makes people's eyes pop out in amazement. Trillion is a huge huge number. And all, lives here with us on our planet. So next time we talk about our country, our home, our planet....... you may just want to reconsider .

We've always been taught, we gotta live in the present. Don't ponder in to the past. Past is past we can't undone it. Well, part of it is right, we definitely can't undone what's been already done. but new study shows that we are not living in present at all, as we thought we were. We live 80 milliseconds in the past. We see the surface of sun always 8 minutes ago, because the light takes 8 minutes to reach us on earth. Just like that, this, 80 milliseconds, is the time it takes for our brains to process information that's hitting us from all around. Isn't it crazy ? After all it seems we are past dwellers.
This is such a relevant story that I came across in "time" magazine. A group is planning to invade and destroy India's most illustrious and glorious monument of all time, Taj Mahal. Actually they started the invasion long time ago. We were not aware of it till now. UP government has recognised it as a serious threat. Don't think even for a minute that these invaders are foreigners, they are born and brought up here, in fact very near to the monument itself. They belong to genus Goeldi-chironomous, These guys are insects who breed in the river Yamuna. They feed on the phosphorus accumulated from the dumping of ash into the river, from near by cremation grounds. They look like mosquitoes but they are not, theirs are elongated body structure than mosquitoes. Their excreta is destroying the mosaics and marble on the structure. It seems not only terrorists but the nature too has something against this man-made wonder. Or is it a warning that everything has its time, a time for every purpose.